Queen Mary University of London

3rd Year PhD Candidate - Networking Systems

About me

Third year PhD candidate at Queen Mary University of London, under the supervision of Dr. Gianni Antichi.
I am a part of the Networks group, researching network traffic analysis and telemetry through programmable data planes.

I earned my Bachelor's and Master's degrees at Karlstad University in Sweden year 2019 and 2020 respectively. During this time, I also worked part-time as a lab supervisor and research assistant at the university.

My research interests include data plane programmability, network monitoring, computational offloading, real-time systems, and machine learning.

Outside of my research, I have a burning passion for dog training (with Cisco the labrador), and all things physics!

List of works

Venue Year Title Authors
ACM SIGCOMM 2023 Direct Telemetry Access J. Langlet, R. B. Basat, G. Oliaro, M. Mitzenmacher, M. Yu, G. Antichi
IEEE TMC 2022 Hybrid P4 Programmable Pipelines for 5G gNodeB and User Plane Functions S. K. Singh, C. E. Rothenberg, J. Langlet, A. Kassler, P. Vörös, S. Laki, G. Pongrácz
ACM HotNets 2021 Zero-CPU Collection with Direct Telemetry Access J. Langlet, R. B. Basat, S. Ramanathan, G. Oliaro, M. Mitzenmacher, M. Yu, G. Antichi
Thesis 2020 Offloading Virtual Network Functions - Hierarchical Approach J. Langlet
IEEE EuroP4 2019 Towards Neural Network Inference on Programmable Switches J. Langlet, A. Kassler, D. Bhamare
Thesis 2019 Towards Machine Learning Inference in the Data Plane J. Langlet


Year Position Course University
2021-2022 TA Distributed Systems Queen Mary University of London
2019 TA Data Structures and Algorithms Karlstad University